Tugan.ai's Affiliate School

(Use our pre-made content and 5 proven strategies to 

earn hundreds of dollars in commissions every month)

 1 - Method X (Threads)

Content examples:


Chat GPT is unable to do this (1.7M Views)


How to write a great thread using AI" (92K Views)


AI tools which can: (25K Views)

🧠 Pro Tips: 


Use videos and images to enhance your threads

The first tweet of your thread is crucial, (make it intriguing, captivating, and distinctive)


Use Tugan.ai to help you write these threads and hooks


Always include your affiliate link

🧠 Pro Tips: 


It needs to feel honest and like a third-party review

Use a clickbait title with the right keywords


Add a call to action in your video “Check the description and use my link to try Tugan.ai for free”


Use Loom.com to record videos

Emails Examples:


“Don't Miss Out This New Ai Tool !”

“#1 Tool every copywriter needs”

"ChatGPT can't do that !"

🧠 Pro Tips: 


Simply copy/paste our pre-written emails.


Always try different subject lines to earn more commissions.

Ads Examples:


Say Goodbye To Expensive Copywriters


Write 100 emails in minutes with Tugan.ai” 


“Get 10,000 Followers Fast On X With Tugan.ai”

🧠 Pro Tips: 


Select your creatives from our ads folder.


Try different adsets, and test different demographics.


Put your affiliate link on your ads

🧠 Pro Tips: 


Find hot keywords that people are looking for.


Generate or create a blog post based on the content we provide you.


You can mention Tugan.ai's defaults to increase perceived honesty.

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